Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Illuminations for Models

In the packets that I make for each unit (generally broken up by physical model), I include a little illumination-esque drawing, using the model's abbreviation as a backdrop to illustrate situations where the model applies. It's fun, and hopefully a kid sees something at some point on one that makes something click.

I'm drawing them (since BFPM) with SMART Notebook and my tablet PC (ThinkPad X220). I've finally found a use for Notebook!

Feel free to use them (with attribution and an email :) if you like them.

These are the ones that I have for the first term:

Physics and Honors Physics:
CVPM (Constant Velocity Particle Model (or Motion, as you prefer))

CAPM (Constant Acceleration Particle Model)

Honors Physics:
BFPM (Balanced Force Particle Model)

UFPM (Unbalanced Force Particle Model)

OPM (Oscillating Particle Model)


  1. these are awesome! Thank you for these, I look forward to seeing your other modules.

  2. Thanks! I'll keep posting as they happen - hopefully I won't bail on any this year. :)

  3. I would love to see more of these images if you have them. My students find them very useful. I live using them as visual reminder of what a model is all about. Look forward to hearing from you.