Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Graffiti appropriate message left on the big whiteboard as a junior left his final exam - our rallying cry as we prepare to use the real interactive whiteboard:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Months in the Temple (Part 4)

The latest batch of honors physics video analysis projects is in!

Willie's Wheel of Fortune

The Adventurers: Haley, RJ 

The Scene: Willie is in a cage and being lowered into the fire pit by Indy (under a spell). It seems as though when Willie is being pulled back out of the fire pit, she must be moving faster (because it takes so much less time) than when she is being lowered. Does this make sense if Indy is the only person pulling Willie (and her cage) back up?

Indiana Jones and the Raft of Doom

The Adventurers: Jayme, Sandra

The Scene: The group slides down the mountain in a raft on the snow, and then slides on the dirt.  They continue to slide on the dirt until they slide off the cliff; the goal is to find the coefficient of kinetic friction for the snow and dirt as the raft flies over it.

Don't Drag Me Down

The Adventurers: Danica, Steven, Kati

The Scene: The raft falls from the cliff!  Would they have survived falling from that altitude and hitting the water only in a raft?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Months in the Temple (Part 3)

The virtual posters are in, and the honors physics classes did a great job analyzing scenes from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

Their quasi-abstracts and posters:

Sweating Bullets

The Adventurers: Brandon, Ryan, Hugh

The Scene: Mine cart chase; Indy shoots at the pursuing mine cart.  After firing 50 bullets, how fast will the cart who fired the bullets be moving? If we assume several of the bullets hit the cart ahead, will that cart increase speed and by how much?

Bridge Over Troubled Water

The Adventurers: Alex, Billy, Cam

The Scene: Rope bridge scene (as it falls after Indy cuts it).  We are analyzing the impact received by Indiana Jones when hitting the wall, and will determine if this force received is lethal.

Short Round in Dragtown

The Adventurers: Haley, Emma, Kawala

The Scene: The plane that Indiana Jones, Willy, and Shorty are on malfunctions and is about to crash; they jump out of the crashing plane on an inflatable raft and ride the raft down to the ground.  By finding the terminal velocity using Logger Pro and the video, we will be able to determine if the mass of the raft is realistic.

Out of Sight, Out of Mine
The Adventurers: Madelyn, Caitlin, Abby

The Scene: During the mine cart chase, Indy's cart jumps a gap.  Was this jump realistic, or was it just another Hollywood hoax?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

That's one way to see the board...

This is Amani.  Amani wears glasses.  Well... Amani has glasses.  Mike thought that he'd help Amani see the board a bit better on our penultimate day of classes, by providing some opera glasses.

Hey, physics students (...that are preparing for the exam!), there's some very cool optics at play here: Wikipedia away!  The simpler opera glasses are a good example of compound lens systems (one converging and one diverging.