Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Months in the Temple (Part 3)

The virtual posters are in, and the honors physics classes did a great job analyzing scenes from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

Their quasi-abstracts and posters:

Sweating Bullets

The Adventurers: Brandon, Ryan, Hugh

The Scene: Mine cart chase; Indy shoots at the pursuing mine cart.  After firing 50 bullets, how fast will the cart who fired the bullets be moving? If we assume several of the bullets hit the cart ahead, will that cart increase speed and by how much?

Bridge Over Troubled Water

The Adventurers: Alex, Billy, Cam

The Scene: Rope bridge scene (as it falls after Indy cuts it).  We are analyzing the impact received by Indiana Jones when hitting the wall, and will determine if this force received is lethal.

Short Round in Dragtown

The Adventurers: Haley, Emma, Kawala

The Scene: The plane that Indiana Jones, Willy, and Shorty are on malfunctions and is about to crash; they jump out of the crashing plane on an inflatable raft and ride the raft down to the ground.  By finding the terminal velocity using Logger Pro and the video, we will be able to determine if the mass of the raft is realistic.

Out of Sight, Out of Mine
The Adventurers: Madelyn, Caitlin, Abby

The Scene: During the mine cart chase, Indy's cart jumps a gap.  Was this jump realistic, or was it just another Hollywood hoax?


  1. Wow—I'm very impressed. This is some great student work. You said these were intro physics students, right? What grade? How much in-class time did groups have to work on this?

  2. Thanks! :) Yes, they're intro students (with one exception, who took the physics class last year and came back for honors physics this year - the two classes have entirely different topics) - almost all 11th graders (a couple of seniors). We did two days coming up with ideas and getting started back in January (I think), and two more days a few weeks ago. They did great work!