Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is a good day

OK, it's nearing the end of the term.  For you SBG superstars out there, it probably means that you're busy with reassessing kids like I am.  Here's one story that made it worth it today:

A student was reassessing on gravitation.  It's a difficult, abstract, and unfamiliar topic, so I'm glad that they get a chance to work on it and take another crack.  She was down to the end, but couldn't get a part of a problem dealing with the surface gravity on some other planet - she had determined the freefall acceleration, but couldn't remember the kinematics toolkit (she knew that it applied, though, which is great).  She confirmed that the kinematics part was separate from the gravitation part, and I thought she'd hand in the towel then.

Instead, she worked some more, and then came back and said... "I just solved it with graphs instead." 

That's the best thing that I ever heard.

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