Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SBG: Changes for the Winter Term

An informational post, mostly for the benefit of students in my courses:

This winter, we'll be implementing a few changes in our standards-based grading system, in order to streamline the reassessment system and reflect the larger number of standards assessed in the second term.
  • Reassessment requests must be made through this Google form: Reassessment Form.
    • The reassessments, at least at the beginning of the term, will be given on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (let me know if there's a scheduling issue for you)
    • You need to complete the reassessment form by the previous M, W, or F; for example, if you'd like to reassess Monday, you need to complete the form by the previous Friday.
    • The form asks about the preparation that you have done in order to earn reassessment. Corrections are, as always a minimum, and you need to bring the written work that you have done to prepare for the reassessment.
  • The grading scale for standards will be a little more detailed this term, adding 'half levels' between NP and De and between De and P, in order to have the grade give a finer level of detail about your understanding.
    • A: Advanced
    • Pr: Proficient
    • P-: Proficient Minus
    • De: Developing
    • D-: Developing Minus
    • NP: Not Proficient
  • As there are more standards this term, a single NP will only limit your overall grade to a maximum of C+, rather than C-. Any scores below P will still limit your grade to a maximum of A-.
For full details, check the SBG page on wikiphys.

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