Friday, March 4, 2011

The Reassessment Beast

I've had the end-of-term rush twice now with standards-based grading.

  • It's certainly more of a rush when reassessment's on the table.  Is this because I've totally changed the motivations of the kids, and they want to take every bit of opportunity to learn more physics?  Well, maybe a little?  Maybe not.   At the very least, this means that they're getting more exposure this way than they would have before.  
  • I should be less flexible with the one reassessment per student per day rule at the end of the term, regardless of missing days of school, etc.  Really, most of this should've been done ages ago, and it would've done them more good for the remainder of the term, rather than just for the final.  I don't like the idea of setting some sort of expiration date for standards (say, within two weeks of the test), because the message is really that all of the material is important forever.
  • I've been using review rubrics for one set of classes as the tickets to reassessment.  I think that they're generally doing a good job of making students engage the material in a meaningful way before reassessing.
  • Total (official) student remediations this term: 
    • Physics (34 students): 129
    • Honors Physics (25 students): 101
    • AP Physics (5 students): 4
  • Total student reassessments before the week before finals week:
    • Physics: 30
    • Honors Physics: 13
    • AP Physics: 0
  • Total student reassessments during the week before the final and finals week:
    • Physics: 77
    • Honors Physics: 66
    • AP Physics: 4
  • Number of students not reassessing anything all term:
    • Physics: 7
    • Honors Physics: 10
    • AP Physics: 4

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