Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Innovation Game

Our esteemed Latin teacher Charles came up with a great idea - "The Innovation Game." The purpose is to create a community of innovation and to start conversations about new things in education, connect to each other as teachers more, provide an easy way to put new techniques into action and a safe space to succeed or fail, and to generally spark more discussion around education.

The highlights:
  • Every month, one teacher leads a session in which he or she introduces an innovative technique that he or she has found successful in the classroom
  • During the following month, everyone else will try out that technique at least once
  • An online forum will be set up - as soon as you try the technique, you report to the forum, and discussion ensues
  • A free wrap-up lunch occurs a week or so before the next session, to discuss further, celebrate successes and failures, and to build collegiality
It's still in the planning process, but there are a good half-dozen teachers on board, and we're looking forward to starting soon! Comments and suggestions welcome!

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