Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Two awesome whiteboards form today - both are awesome in different ways than the usual whiteboards that we've posted here.

Whiteboard image:

This group had the idea to use the whiteboard as the image screen when trying to find the location of this image.  The object was close to the focus (but behind it) of the concave mirror, so the image was real, but behind the object.  They had to skew the setup to locate the image (so that the lighted object ray box wasn't in the way), and they used a whiteboard to project the image onto.

The Velocityraptor:

Kyle had the doodling urge while we were going over Kepler's laws (to be fair, he started this while we were going over an old AP problem that we had done last time: he had seen it, but half of the class hadn't).  The result?  Velocityraptor.  Clever girl...

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