Monday, September 27, 2010

Open Questions

Some open questions that I have about how I'll implement SBG:
  • How many assessments per standard per week is too many? ...too few?
  • How many assessments per standard per unit (up to and including the test) would be appropriate?
  • Should I include a standard for timeliness of submission of work?
  • What about conjunctive grading?  Should I require no grades below 2 (out of 4) for an A for the term, so that students don't blow off standards?  
  • In general, is there a good way to assure that standards aren't over- or under-weighted in the final grade?
Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I'd think each student needs several grades each week but not all standards need to be addressed on a weekly basis. The problem I have with a 2 knocking you out of a possible A is that anyone with a 2 now would be out. Knowing the A is impossible might encourage students to shoot only for the B.

  2. I agree about having several grades each week, but not nec. each standard. That's pretty much what I'm doing now.

    The great thing about SBG is that no 1/4 (or 4/4, for that matter) is permanent. If you screw up motion graphs on the motion graphs test, then you can reassess individually, too. That's what I mean about not letting them blow off the standard - they _have_ to fix it if they want A's.